The Ravenous Princess: Moe’s Southwest Grill versus Chipotle

The Ravenous Princess: Moe’s Southwest Grill versus Chipotle

A Cincinnati, hungry woman’s pursuit of unpretentious, tasty meals

This is actually the thing. I favor Chipotle. But, we hate them, in several methods, too.

1. They constantly are away from one thing and i usually need certainly to wait (also if it is for meat – which we don’t can get on MY burrito but i need to wait for individuals in front of me personally. Jesus forbid, i ought to go forward lined up and mess a rotation up)

2. They don’t have complete great deal of choices, except that burritos.

3. They spot more value on online sales, compared to requests of LIVE individuals standing in the front of those.

So, I’ve been searching for other burrito options. I’ve been to Qdoba for me– it just didn’t do it.

We looked over Currito‘s menu on the internet plus it looked boring and horrendous.

My option that is next was Southwest Grill. I’ve been to Moe’s, numerous a moon ago (7 years?). And, it ended up being thought by me personally ended up being great. But, which was BEFORE Chipotle came to exist. There isn’t a Moe’s, anywhere close to my house – one in Mason plus one in Crestview Hills. Originating from work, Mason ended Bonuses up being closer. Searching for an alternative for my regular dose of Chipotle, we offered it a spin.

And even though there are numerous choices to their menu, i recently desired a bowl – I recognize that this is certainly Chipotle speak, and so I was having difficulty finding out very same. (Being I simply told her a veggie rice bowl as they didn’t have a veggie bowl) So. Leggi tutto “The Ravenous Princess: Moe’s Southwest Grill versus Chipotle”